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You have arrived at the website of the Lithuanian DAAD club. The club unites the former holders of the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst – German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship who did scientific or research work for a longer or shorter period of time, studied or worked on probation in Germany. The Lithuanian DAAD club is a voluntary, social, non-political, non-profit organization. It seeks not only to rally the former grant- holders of the DAAD in Lithuania, to maintain international links with German organizations and unions of former grant-holders in other countries, but also to help the students of Lithuanian higher schools who want to get the DAAD scholarship and study at German higher schools.

The DAAD scholarship is a unique opportunity for the students of all countries to visit Germany and improve the knowledge and skills of German or the speciality one studies. This kind of studies not only helps to gain updated knowledge of any speciality in modern, well-provided auditoriums and laboratories, but most often it leaves a great imprint in a person‘s mind of the country of ancient history, deep traditions and culture. During the time of the studies new acquaintances are set which frequently develop into creative scientific cooperation and go on in the future. It‘s but undoubtful that the significance of such a versatile cooperation is only increasing as Lithuania has joined the EU.

The Lithuanian DAAD club was established on January 24th, 2003, after quite a long and tense work in search of the addresses of the former grant-holders, sometimes rummaging in old data bases. However, the great attempts were crowned by success, because at the moment the club counts about a hundred members, among whom there is a great number of famous names not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. The success of the club‘s establishment is also due to the versatile help on the part of the German embassy in Lithuania, the Goethe‘s institute and the ministry of Education and science. We express our deep gratitude for the work done to the representatives of these organizations.

Since we are still young and our traditions are only in their seminal period, i.e. are still being created, I would like to invite all the members of the club to actively contribute to the expansion of our common activities by their ideas and work. If you aren‘t enrolled yet, but you would definitely like – you are always welcome, even in case you‘ve never been a DAAD grant-holder.

Prof. habil. dr. V. Kažukauskas

The founder and honorary chairman of the Lithuanian DAAD club